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Start the new year with annual planning for learning floral arrangements

Those who want to earn flower arranging skills, for hobby or business purpose, had better set up organized learning schedule by well considering the time they can spend and also the budget available for learning floral art. As far as they depend on self-education, they do not have to worry about class schedule set up by floral schools. However it is quite difficult to earn good skills of floral arranging only by self-education.

European floral arrangements
European floral arrangements
California Flower Art Academy
European flower arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

Therefore they cannot but take lessons by joining a floral school or from a reliable independent instructor. Many schools announce an annual lesson schedule for whole year according to which they are required to set up their own learning schedule. Some of small size schools MAY be more flexible to accept new enrollments without setting up very restricted regulations.

Independent flower arranging instructors are usually quite flexible so most students can start taking lessons throughout the year. From school to school and from instructor to instructor, the policy about lesson schedule is different. Thus it is advisable for them to check before setting up the definite learning schedule by well considering their own private and work schedule.

People who want to learn floral designs just for fun as a hobbyist does not have to set up very serious planning. However when it comes to people who are planning to earn flower arrangements for doing business, situation is somewhat different. Not only regarding class schedule offered by schools and instructors but also the budget of tuition etc. must be well considered when setting up an annual learning schedule.

If they are engaged in floral business and already have a certain level of floral design skills, it is recommended to earn even higher level of skills in order to enhance the portfolio of their floral decorations which will help them expand their floral business. There are some floral shops whose main operation is just selling fresh flowers (cut flowers) without adding any additional value. If the owner has a good business sense, even this way of operation MAY contribute to growing their business. However if they want to make a remarkable improvements in the revenue and profit, they had better penetrate wedding and funeral floral decorations that dominate the floral decorating industry.

For starting such business, earning a good skill is pretty important. Some schools offer programs/courses of which curriculum is specifically designed for wedding or funeral decorations. It is so important to take lessons of such programs so that they can earn additional valuable skills.

The bottom line is people who would like to earn better floral design skills are encouraged to set up annual learning schedule. California Flower Art Academy has been teaching local residents in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo County) and also in Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara County) since 1990 as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo, Japan). By joining California Flower Art Academy you can enjoy friendly hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions based on small group class system. If you have no previous experience in floral arranging, you can start from Introductory Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact