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Start strengthening your Cardiovascular system today

Find a cardiovascular activity that you enjoy
Find a cardiovascular activity that you enjoy
photo by Scott Craig

Cardiovascular training has many important components. After a good health check up from your doctor the next step is to simply get moving. For the beginner however, it can seem an intimating task. Read on and discover an easy way to get started.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States; one in every three deaths is from heart disease and stroke, equal to 2,200 deaths per day. Four modifiable health risk behaviors—lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol consumption—are responsible for much of the illness, suffering, and early death related to chronic diseases.

2,200 deaths Per day! Mostly preventable through modifiable behaviors.
These sobering truths should serve as an eye opening warning. Why then are so many locked into lifestyle habits that dramatically increase their likelihood of early (and painful) death?

Our focus today is about the personal steps that can be taken to improve your health and well-being. You are part of a growing number of individuals who are done with fitness guess work. A growing number who are done with tossing health hopes to the wind. You are ready for change, ready for action.

CARDIO defined: Cardio exercise routines addresses the strengthening of the heart and developing greater efficiency of the body’s circulatory system. We are addressing increasing your lungs capacity to deliver oxygenated blood throughout the body and improving your exercise stamina and endurance. Our heart is arguably the hardest working muscle in the body. It needs and deserves our full support. Effective cardio workouts elevate your heart rate beyond its resting rate for an extended amount of time. For now our primary goal is to get started.

So what’s next?

Cardio begun
With your Doctor’s clearance to begin an exercise program you are ready to get moving.
Walk. It will not get much simpler than this. Be it on a treadmill or up and down your street, start by walking. If you have not been exercising in the past this simple exercise is your ticket to a successful cardio fitness beginning.
Walking Walking is an easy way to start.

The famed Mayo Clinic reports;
“Walking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that can ease you into a higher level of fitness and health. Walking is a form of exercise accessible to just about everybody. It's safe, simple and doesn't require practice. And the health benefits are many. Even though the first steps of any journey can be the most difficult, it helps to keep your goals foremost in your mind. So remember, once you take that first step, you're on the way to an important destination — better health.” The Mayo Clinic

Walking is uncomplicated and makes for a quick and simple start to your exercise routine. Once begun, you can add a long list of fun and effective cardio workouts to your routine; biking, jogging, running, swimming, jump rope, dancing, cross country skiing, and beyond.
As your strength and stamina increases you will likely begin to feel ready quicken your pace. This is a good thing. Provided that your body has responded well to your new exercise program and that there is no bodily injury or limitation holding you back.

Begin today. With an exercise as simple as walking you can begin to strengthen your cardiovascular system and improving your health today.


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