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Start & Start Again with Dr. Melva Green


  • Karen Salter 6 years ago

    Great article and awesome site. I clicked through to read it and explored the site while I was there. Thank you for the great information.

    Karen Salter

  • Karen Blake 6 years ago

    Great article. I really liked the perspective that we can take control of many aspects of our health.

  • LaVonne Sumler 6 years ago

    For someone like me who struggles with weight issues, your point about changing the conversation to health landed hard. So many of us are committed to changing the world; however, we often get so caught up in giving to others that we neglect ourselves. When we fly, they caution us to secure our own masks before helping others and the same holds true in our everyday lives. Your article is a call that we cannot ignore---we must make the necessary changes to adopt better health habits NOW.

  • Tawanna Browne Smith 6 years ago

    Great article. I wish more of us were reading it. As an online fitness coach, I, of course, agree with Dr. Green wholeheartedly. We all have the power to change things for ourselves - our health is the easiest. What makes the process so difficult for many of us is that we don't deal with the mental /psychological baseline of what causes us to continue self-destructive behavior. Once we attack the mind, then we can heal the body.

  • Claudine Struck 6 years ago

    I am in complete agreement with this article being a mother , business owner , author , wife etc. It is incredibly easy to put everything else first without even having me on my to do list. I had to learn the hard but lived to share with other tips and tools to make themselves a priority. Being a mother we continually influence the little ones around us and naturally they will follow our cue. If we make quiet time for reflection (perhaps with a book, a journal, music etc) a family affair then our kids grow up knowing intrinsically that , that option exists. If we choose and the key word in that sentence is choose to have a more healthy meal naturally those around us follow suit. We are creating a legacy with everything we do.

    Claudine Struck "The Mind, Body, Spirit Expert" author of "How to Stay Sane When Life Isn't." If you are ready to make you a priority, cultivate healthy relationships and live a more sane, happier life then this inspirational and unique approach to integratin

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