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Start & Start Again with Dr. Melva Green

Today, Dr. Melva Green shares insights into her article Start & Start Again and

Thanks so much for contacting me about my featured article "Start & Start Again" on healthyyounow. com. As you may likely know Tonya Lewis Lee, national spokesperson of A Healthy Baby Begins With You campaign initiated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, is the Editor in Chief of this new online community dedicated to informing and inspiring woman of color to take charge of their health.

This resource is relatively new having just launched December 8th of last year. However, when the editorial team contacted me, I was particularly struck by a piece of Mrs. Lee's inaugural message - "We do have the power within each and every one of us to contribute to our own better health and the health of our broader community. Because we give birth to and are the primary caregivers to our children, our future depends on us. We cannot be the best caregivers if we are ill and not feeling well. We cannot deliver healthy children if we do not make sure we are healthy ourselves".

Having spent tens of thousands of hours studying and helping people at every journey point between situational setbacks and severe emotional suffering,  I know firsthand how women, mothers in particular, struggle to activate this internal power for Self; to give themselves a break...permission to care for themselves.  More importantly, I appreciate the gravity of how this lack of attention lends mothers to a vicious cycle of stalls, disappointments and delayed sense of fulfillment and well being which ultimately shows up as illness and disease.

A great deal of well intentioned articles spell out what happens emotionally during tough times and offer advice on how to suffer through but many times they miss three important aspects: a holistic explanation and management of the blahs and blues; a self forgiving approach in dealing with difficulties; and the power embedded in owning the life lesson and releasing the struggle. Given the synergy and alignment of Tonya Lewis Lee's self empowerment ideals and mine, I found this to be a perfect opportunity to close this gap in my Healthy You Now featured article. Written from a radically compassionate approach intentioned to inspire self discovery, self acceptance and a search for "strategies-uniquely-me", my hope is that the readers will grant themselves the permission slips to start and start again, each time more holistically, more abundantly and ultimately unapologetically.

I am more than delighted to share this perspective and empower women and mothers for better self care for themselves, their families and their unborn children in the recommendations found in my Healthy You Now featured article, Start & Start Again. I hope these resonates with your readers as well.

Read the complete article here.

Dr. Melva Green, MD, MBA, MPH iis a Board Certified and regarded as one of America's Top Psychiatrists, Dr  Green is a dedicated physician and social entrepreneur practicing in Baltimore, MD. Specializing in body-mind-soul medicine and societal well-being, Dr. Green moves her message from the Couch to the Community at every chance as a regular source for local and national media. Educated at Meharry Medical College and residency trained at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Green holds degrees in public health and business as well. Highlight accomplishments include service on Surgeon General’s Work Group on Women’s Mental Health, Chair of Committee on Women - American Psychiatric Association, Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, W.K. Kellogg Scholar in Health Disparities; and Sommer Scholar – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Featured Expert - Good Morning America Mind and Mood Special. For More information visit.

TidBits from Healthy You Now:
Welcome to the Healthy You Now community where information, inspiration and innovation come together to offer you support as you seek to achieve an optimal lifestyle of health and wellness. We all know the bottom line on the statistics of health for women of color. Unfortunately reports show that we tend to be the most unhealthy people in the nation when it comes to almost every life threatening disease. The reasons for this are complicated for sure, however we each play a role in our own individual health and in the collective health of our community. I am not discounting the part that poverty, racism and capitalistic greed play in the daily assault on the health of women of color in the United States, instead I choose to focus on what we as individuals can do to move the needle on those statistics. We do have the power within each and every one of us to contribute to our own better health and the health of our broader community. Because we give birth to and are the primary caregivers to our children, our future depends on us. We cannot be the best caregivers if we are ill and not feeling well. We cannot deliver healthy children if we do not make sure we are healthy ourselves.
Healthy You Now is not a diet site, although we will provide information about good eating habits, which may result in weight loss. One of our main goals is to change the conversation about weight to health.

 Live fully,

Mia Redrick

The Mom Strategist


  • Karen Salter 5 years ago

    Great article and awesome site. I clicked through to read it and explored the site while I was there. Thank you for the great information.

    Karen Salter

  • Karen Blake 5 years ago

    Great article. I really liked the perspective that we can take control of many aspects of our health.

  • LaVonne Sumler 5 years ago

    For someone like me who struggles with weight issues, your point about changing the conversation to health landed hard. So many of us are committed to changing the world; however, we often get so caught up in giving to others that we neglect ourselves. When we fly, they caution us to secure our own masks before helping others and the same holds true in our everyday lives. Your article is a call that we cannot ignore---we must make the necessary changes to adopt better health habits NOW.

  • Tawanna Browne Smith 5 years ago

    Great article. I wish more of us were reading it. As an online fitness coach, I, of course, agree with Dr. Green wholeheartedly. We all have the power to change things for ourselves - our health is the easiest. What makes the process so difficult for many of us is that we don't deal with the mental /psychological baseline of what causes us to continue self-destructive behavior. Once we attack the mind, then we can heal the body.

  • Claudine Struck 5 years ago

    I am in complete agreement with this article being a mother , business owner , author , wife etc. It is incredibly easy to put everything else first without even having me on my to do list. I had to learn the hard but lived to share with other tips and tools to make themselves a priority. Being a mother we continually influence the little ones around us and naturally they will follow our cue. If we make quiet time for reflection (perhaps with a book, a journal, music etc) a family affair then our kids grow up knowing intrinsically that , that option exists. If we choose and the key word in that sentence is choose to have a more healthy meal naturally those around us follow suit. We are creating a legacy with everything we do.

    Claudine Struck "The Mind, Body, Spirit Expert" author of "How to Stay Sane When Life Isn't." If you are ready to make you a priority, cultivate healthy relationships and live a more sane, happier life then this inspirational and unique approach to integratin

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