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Start small to improve your health: One fruit, one vegetable

Modifying eating habits can be difficult to do, no matter how hard one tries. Too many factors come into play: work stress, family stress, financial stress, laziness (yes, laziness). Despite the numerous issues that plague us from day to day, baby steps can be taken in order to achieve long-term goals. This can be more effective than following a strict diet regimen because it gives you more control over what you want to eat.

Making long-term dietary changes can be as simple as adding just one fruit and one vegetable per day
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

When the fad diets have failed to help you meet your health goals, try starting off small. Try incorporating, at a bare minimum, just one fruit and one vegetable per day into your meals. There is so much emphasis on consuming more plant-based foods, and with good reason. They are nutrient-dense, low in calories, and contain antioxidants that work hard to keep you young from the inside out.

Enjoy fruits and vegetables for their natural wholesomeness. Some restaurants offer a bowl of fruit for dessert. Always inquire by asking the server what is available in place of highly ‘sugarized’ pies and sundaes. Side salads are common starters served prior to main courses. Even when eating out there are plenty of opportunities to get your fill of fruits and vegetables.

Snacks are no exception. Packaged baby carrots, for example, make for a convenient snack option. Some fruits do not require refrigeration, such as apples and bananas. They can easily be packed into your lunch box for work. A snack is basically designed to give you a quick burst of energy, and hold you over until your next big meal. The fiber in fruits and vegetables can help you feel full enough to resist snacking on processed foods.

Grocery stores sell packaged salads, so there is no excuse to not eat your greens at home. You can choose from packaged spinach, mixed greens, kale and others. There is no shredding that needs to be done with these packaged salads. The work is already done for you. Just open the package, place into a bowl or plate, and enjoy.

Great things start off small. Changing dietary habits is no different. When you apply yourself, you can add more plant-based foods to your diet over time. Never give up easily. Invest in your health by adding just one fruit and one vegetable per day into your diet.

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