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Start saving your extra cash, the Boston Tattoo Convention is coming up soon!

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In just three short months, the 8th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention will be upon us! Every decent tattoo shop in town (and then some) will be there! This is a great opportunity to discover incredible artists and maybe find the perfect artist for that new chestpiece idea you've been obsessing over.

All the artists will be there with their portfolios and many often offer their services as well. No visiting a dozen shops separately, everything's in the same giant room! It's so much easier to remember and compare artists' work this way, plus you might stumble across an artist you may have otherwise never found.

The Convention goes down at the Boston Center for the Arts on October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. The first two days run from 2PM to midnight and the 4th goes from noon to 8PM.

The tickets aren't too expensive at $20 for a day when you buy in advance ($25 at the door) and you save even more if you buy weekend passes. The whole weekend can cost $45 if you buy your tickets in advance ($50 at the door) and if you really want to go all out, you can get a VIP pass for $55 advance or $70 at the door. The VIP pass comes with a tshirt and a poster to help you remember your sweet weekend. Rock on!

Along with plenty of shops and artists displaying their portfolios, there are seminars and classes too.They're offering a seminar on Microdermal Anchor Surface Piercing Techinques and an oil painting seminar, lest we forget that tattoo artists are ARTISTS first. There will even be a Skin Course that fulfills requirements to receive a tattooing license. You do have to register for the course and it costs $60, but if you really want to become a tattoo artist, this course will teach you all about the surfaces on which you want to work.

Don't forget: If you have some ink that you think is unbeatable and was done by one of the artists at the convention, you can enter a contest to be judged. The prize is a sweet plaque and, if you're over 21, a fifth of Sailor Jerry Rum. It's 92 proof and freakin' delicious, kid. Plus, the artist gets a plaque too and if he/she is any good, they deserve some positive acknowledgements. Who knows, maybe if you win you can get a free tattoo out of it, or at least a price-cut on your next one. Probably.

So, if you love tattoos, have a penchant for the odd, strange, and unique (Lizardman showed up last year), or just want to do something different for a change, mark your calenders and check out the Boston Tattoo Convention coming up in early October.