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Start preparing for allergy season now

Hopeful remedies for seasonal allergies
Hopeful remedies for seasonal allergies
Dr. Marilyn Elliott/Greystone Chiropractic

Warmer days bring an end to the days of self-imprisonment.  As we find ourselves pulling out the yard tools and preparing our garden beds, our sense of denial is strong.  We have forgotten that Spring brings pollen and all those beautiful blooms wreak havoc on our sinuses.  Combat those allergies this year with preventative measures.

You may have heard the wives' tale about eating local honey to fend off allergies.  There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this claim, but no major studies have been funded to test this.  When taken in small daily doses year-round, honey can slowly familiarize your body with local pollens so you don't have a major histamine reaction once a year.  The honey must be local, and preferably raw and unpasteurized.

Along the same lines, eating local produce will also familiarize your body with local pollen.  Growing your own fruits and vegetables can be quite rewarding.  You can shop year-round for local produce at V. Richards in Forest Park, Murphree's Fruit & Vegetable Stand on Dolly Ridge Road, or Whole Foods on Hwy 280.  Spring will also bring a plethora of local farmer's markets, which future articles will explore. 

NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) is gaining national attention as a treatment that can cure allergies, whether they be seasonal, food, or skin allergies. As stated on their website, no case has shown a re-occurrence of an allergy once it has been eliminated.  Dr. Marilyn Elliott of Greystone Chiropractic is the only trained NAET practitioner in Birmingham.  If you know your specific allergens, the treatment process will move more quickly.  Call Dr. Elliott to learn more about this effective cure for allergies. 

Also remember to eliminate allergens following these simple tips:

  • Sweep and vacuum at least once a week. Get behind furniture to avoid dust mites.
  • Avoid living in a carpeted house as carpets hold allergens that most vacuums can't eliminate.
  • Brush pets outside each day in warmer weather.  Avoid pet dander in your bed.
  •  Plant allergenic flowers away from the house where they can be seen but not smelled.
  • Keep your immune system strong to avoid developing more allergies.


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