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Start off 2014 with a fresh face

Start the New Year with a fresh outlook (and face)!
Start the New Year with a fresh outlook (and face)!

If you're like me you're still working off all of those christmas goodies that seem to have made a happy home in our bodies. As delicious as the candy, cookies and cocktails of the holidays taste, they can really wreak havoc on your skin and waistline. But with the help of getting back into your normal routine and a bit of exercise and deep cleaning you can look as though you spent the holidays eating carrots instead of sweets.

The Freeman Feeling Beautiful line of face masks gives you a deep clean and can help battle even the most annoying skin issues.

If the winter chill is keeping your skin dull and dry, implement the Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub into your routine three times a week. Follow with a nourishing moisturizer and you'll be toting around a summer glow even in the middle of a snow storm.

If you need a serious clean sweep I highly recommend the Cucumber Facial Peel Off Mask. This mask goes on thick but peels off easily. Taking dryness, black heads and ho-hum skin with it. You'll be left with a baby soft face- and hey, the peeling off process is pretty fun too!

These are just two of the amazing masks (that cost under $4!) in the Freeman Feeling Beautiful product line. Whether your skin needs some emergency attention or you just want to keep it looking fresh and beautiful, Freeman Beauty has the products to keep you looking and feeling your best in 2014.