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Start learning floral arrangement to discover the world you don’t know

No matter what you start learning, it is quite exciting to begin something new. If you love flowers and have interest in floral art, you can discover a new world of floral art by learning flower designs. Even those who already learned floral arrangement, there is still lots of room for them to find something new by taking a next step towards earning floral designing skill.

a variety of floral decorations
California Flower Art Academy students, instructors an graduates
Japanese floral arrangement called Ikebana
California Flower Art Academy

If you have ever experienced to display even simple fresh flowers to decorate your home, you will most probably have further opportunities for enjoying your potential talent by learning European floral arrangements. Just displaying simple cut flowers is fun. However if you can put additional value on such fresh cut flowers, you can further enjoy decorating flowers at home.

Namely adding only a little bit additional value can make your floral decoration look much more attractive. There are so many ways to make it value-added. In order to earn the skill for doing so, it is highly recommended to take lessons of floral designs by finding a floral design instructor or flower arrangement school near you.

Once you join a floral school to take lessons of floral arrangement or begin to take lessons from a flower arrangement instructor, you will become familiar with secret and techniques with which you can make the floral decoration look much more attractive. Since floral design instructors are usually professional floral designers and have experienced in floral arranging, they can help you earn a skill of floral designing.

Even for those who have some experiences in European or American flower arrangements, there is a lot of room for them to find another world by learning a different nature of floral art such as Japanese traditional Ikebana arrangement which offers atmosphere different from European/American flower arrangements.

Because of the difference in the style of arranging as well as the different kind of materials used for floral arranging elements, you MAY feel quite fresh with the Japanese traditional floral art called Ikebana. Not only the way of arranging and element materials but also devices/tools used for Ikebana arrangement are different from those of European floral decorations.

Since Ikebana arrangement often features “non-flower materials” such as greeneries and curly willows etc and it mainly uses line flowers PLUS the way of arranging is sometimes asymmetric, those who have no previous experiences in Ikebana feel quite fresh and impressed with this new type of floral art.

People who are looking for something new or feel bored with current way of floral arranging, learning Ikebana CAN help them refresh and feel like challenging new way of floral decorations.

California Flower Art Academy has been teaching various types of floral designs from European floral arrangements to Japanese Ikebana, wedding to funeral decorations AND beginner to professional levels. If you are looking for a reliable floral school offering quality lessons/classes based on small group class system, why not join California Flower Art Academy where you can enjoy hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions. For those who have no previous experiences in floral arranging, we recommend Introductory Program which costs less than $100. For more information feel free to contact

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