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Start each day in a prayerful way

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Each new day is a clean slate, emptied of the previous day's mistakes and problems. Start each day in a prayerful way, live the light of your faith, walk with God and put your worries and concerns into the hands of our Father.

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Each morning, American Catholic offers Minute Meditations, brief passages to begin your day on a spiritual and prayerful note. Posted on Facebook and by email, these meditations are a great way to start the day. Today's passage:

"We have to always remember that we must live our entire lives, including our prayer lives, in the light of our faith, not only in accordance with what we perceive and with what we feel. As St. Paul said so powerfully, “We walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7)

American Catholic's Minute Meditations is one of many faith-based postings you'll find each morning on Facebook. When you begin your day in prayer, you offer all of your thoughts, actions and events during the entire day to God.

As Christian parents, we are called to raise our children in faith and teach them to walk with God. Christian parenting means teaching your children that God always loves and forgives His children.

Christian parenting also means treating others the way God treats us by loving unconditionally and forgiving others who hurt us. Starting each day in prayer helps you live the life God wants you to live.

Christian parenting means teaching your children to trust in God and that God's timing is always perfect. Many of us live our lives in the moment, embracing the instant gratification that we've come to expect.

God's timing isn't instant, but it's always perfect. Starting the day in prayer allows you to slow down from the instant gratification mentality and pray for the ability to live each moment as it comes.

As my Mom always said, "You take it as it comes." Another of Mom's favorite sayings was, "This too shall pass." Mom's faith was a living faith that she quietly shared with her children by the way she lived her life.

Starting the day in prayer helps you remain in the moment. Instead of waiting for everything in your life to be perfect, prayer helps you accept and celebrate where you are in life right now.

Starting the day in prayer means that you ask God to give you patience with the people you encounter each day. Whether it's the person you break bread with at your home or a rude stranger you encounter during the day, God challenges you to forgive them.

Showing kindness and patience toward others teaches your children how to live in God's way. Forgiving your partner, children and coworkers teaches your children how to graciously forgive others.

God offers you comfort from the storms in your life, protection from those who wish to harm you, nourishment for your spirit, and eternal life. All He asks in return is your love.

Life can be challenging and so can raising children. When you begin your day in prayer, God walks with you throughout the day, helping you to live the life He wants you to live.