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Start a water revolution with Contigo Shake and Go

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Staying hydrated is important for feeling good and being active. But, plain boring water can become tiresome. Drinking water enough on a daily basis can become a tedious chore. Adding flavor to the water can help. Whether you add some drink mixes, fruit or herbs, mix it up with Contigo Shake and Go Tumblers.

Contigo Shake and Go Tumbler

Contigo Shake and Go Tumblers offer an unique "trap door" design that snaps shut when the straw is removed. The result is a 100% link proof container that is Eco-friendly. From mixing flavored water to cooling down the ice coffee, these Eco-friendly tumblers make staying hydrated easy. Whether enjoying a beverage at home or on the go, you can be confident that it won't end up on your shirt.

“The instant success of individually-packaged flavor enhancers and mix-ins has left on-the-go consumers without the tools they need to really enjoy them,” said Todd Starr, vice president of marketing and product development for Contigo. “Disposable water bottles add unnecessary cost and waste, but to date they have been the best option. Our new Shake & Go Tumbler finally gives consumers a reusable solution for quickly and conveniently mixing one of these popular drinks without worry of making a mess.”

According to a survey conducted by Contigo, a leading producer of innovative water bottles and travel mugs, almost half of consumers use mix-in flavors on a weekly basis. The new Shake & Go Tumbler lets consumers shake-to-mix or shake-to-chill beverages with confidence. Using the Shake & Go Tumbler is as simple as “Make it. Shake it. Take it.” Simply fill the container with all the ingredients for favorite water enhancers, powdered beverage mixes, iced coffees or iced teas, replace the lid and shake. Once the beverage is “shaken” to perfection, consumers can simply insert the reusable straw right into the tumbler and enjoy in seconds.

The Contigo Shake and Go Tumbler is available in two sizes, 16 oz and 20 oz., and is available in a variety of colors. The tumbler can be purchased at or at national retailers.

It is time to start a water revolution. Make it, shake it, take it.

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