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Start a New Holiday Tradition

Your children are grown, and chances are that they will come back to your house for a visit during the holidays.  Naturally you will be glad to see them, but if they will be staying in your home, especially if they have a spouse and/or children, it can lead to some cramped quarters. And this can be stressful.

One good way to handle this is to identify beforehand when you are available for a visit. Rather than leave it open-ended, you might say, "Can you stay with us from Christmas Eve through the day after Christmas?"

While your family is visiting, it's good to have things planned to do. This year is the perfect time to start a new holiday tradition.  It doesn't have to be expensive.   You could go for a drive to see the lights at Sandy Point State Park. For more information, visit  Or plan to see the holiday show at the Meyerhoff.  Visit for ticket information.  Go Christmas caroling with your church. Or volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen.  Choose something that the whole family can enjoy, and continue the tradition every year.

Holidays are supposed to be fun, when we gather with friends and family and enjoy our time together. Don't stress about little details.  Count your blessings that you are able to be with your family during the holidays.