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Stars trade for Jason Spezza

Jason Spezza has left Ottawa for Dallas.
Jason Spezza has left Ottawa for Dallas.
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Last year, after Jim Nill took over as the Dallas Stars' General Manager, they started to make some notable moves, like hiring Lindy Ruff and, more notably, trading for Tyler Seguin, who had a great year in his first in Dallas. They made the playoffs, and even gave the Anaheim Ducks a bit of a push. Now, they are intent on taking things to the next level, and perhaps even reach the level of the Blackhawks or Kings, by trading for Jason Spezza.

In exchange for Spezza and prospect Ludwig Karlsson, the Ottawa Senators got Alex Chiasson, prospects Nicholas Paul and Alex Guptill, and a second-round pick. Spezza is clearly the big name in this deal. He's had some excellent seasons, having hit 92 points once and 34 goals three times, and last year he had 23 goals and 66 points in 75 games. Spezza has had some back issues, so that's a concern, and also he is on a one year deal, so they need him to produce right away. If he is healthy, he should do just that, because Spezza is an excellent player, and a second line center to place behind Seguin. That's a winning combination. Karlsson basically seems like a throw in. This was about Spezza for Dallas.

Chiasson is a decent winger. He's only 23, and he scored 13 goals and 35 points last season, although his possession stats are mediocre. There's room to get better, although the team he is playing for now doesn't look so great. As for the prospects, Guptill is supposed to be fairly good, while Paul is kind of a depth forward defensive minded type. A second round pick isn't bad.

For this season, obviously Dallas got the better of the deal. If it is only one year of Spezza, in the end Ottawa may actually get the better end of this deal in terms of value. However, clearly the Stars are looking to improve in the here and now, while the Senators... are doing something. They did fairly well given the fact that Spezza had a no trade clause and had already nixed a deal to Nashville. The Stars are intriguing for this season. The Senators may end up being one of the worst teams in the league.