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Stars proves once again they are a star!

Stars is expanding!
Stars is expanding!

Stars Resale Shop, located near College Avenue Train Station, is expanding! Although it is great for their business, it is even better for the Wheaton community at large. Why, you may ask. Well, because Stars is an actual ministry that was established just a little over four years ago by College Church. The ministry supports a house that was established for adult men with intellectual disabilities. Because the ministry has proven to be so successful, College Church is able to open a second men’s house and are also looking to open a women’s home in the near future. The quicker the Resale Shop expansion proves to be successful, the quicker they can break ground on the third home!

It is not a surprise to anyone that College Church would try to raise funds through such a progressive fashion since Wheaton has more churches per capita than any other city in America. More churches ordinarily equal more good works; more charitable acts able to be performed and their charitable acts cannot be equaled.

When the ministry was initiated, it could have gone in either direction since it had no budget to speak of. They gathered a small space in a little nook close to the train and to the College itself. Then they began to gather goods donated from the community at large; pricing the goods competitively, yet inexpensively so as to attract everyone in the community to shop with them.

Once they were established, they grew more and more successful; proceeds going toward the initial house for men with intellectual disabilities. People continued to donate toward such a worthy cause; everyday goods and clothing, as well as antique and vintage household goods, jewelry, books, toys and seasonal. If the goods are valuable, specialty buyers are contacted so that Stars gets the most bang for their buck.

Until now, Stars has operated in the small section of shop, working through the woes of cramped space, but now this 501 (c) (3) ministry, is able to set up their new larger space into a more departmentalized structure; giving buyers the freedom to browse in less cramped quarters and be able to spread out as opposed to feeling rushed because of space requirements. While it was a pleasure to be witness to all of the great goods available for sale before, now a shopper can leisurely spread out and enjoy the resale shopping experience that much more.

Stay tuned as Stars Resale Shop continues to successfully help minister to adults with intellectual disabilities. Thank you Wheaton residents for making this expansion possible. Keep shopping as there will be even more great goods in store in the near future!