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Stars on the rise - Chace Spillman chapter three - part one

Chace Spillman is our next star on the rise. He is a working model in Las Vegas and has managed to move on up to the top of his game in the industry here in Las Vegas. What makes Chace unique is how he became a model not just as a career choice but saw it as an opportunity to have a voice to do so much more.

Chace Spillman is definitely a star on the rise
Amazing photography by my brother Cj Murr and awesome Stylist Kaneika Allen! Check them out on instagram and Cjs awesome website
Chace wants to be so much more and is on his way to changing the world
Amazing photography by my brother Cj Murr and awesome Stylist Kaneika Allen! Check them out on instagram and Cjs awesome website one of the coolest websites I have seen. Also a special shout out to Rolando Aqui for my awes

What made you decide to become a model? "Ever since I was young I was told I looked like other actors and as a kid we were always filming something. I started filming really young. You see growing up I wasn't really sure of myself or confident so I didn't pursue acting or modeling because I didn't want to take that opportunity away from other people who were more passionate."

As he grew up he was again being told that he looked like famous actors he hadn't even heard about. Noticed that society is really into celebrity and the like so he came to the conclusion that if he takes that road he would allow himself the ability to have a voice to share his vision of creating a better society. If he can be someone that people look up to and admire for their talent then he could influence or share other ideas he has about life and the world. Ironically he learned that as he was acting more and modeling more he's found that he really enjoys it.

Chace has had an entreprenurial spirit since he was very young. His sister Cassie calls him a social entrepreneur. He was helping his mom close real estate deals when he was 16 and launched a nonprofit called Green Development Coalition not too long after that. Project Green was a project from his freshman year in college that was all about creating a completely sustainable (environmentally friendly) casino from the ground up. The reason he came to Vegas was to change the City of Sin to the City of Giving. Essentially he says the number one most traveled place in the world is Mecca and the 2nd most traveled to place in the world is Vegas so if he could change this city to the City of Giving then the world would be a better place.

He's not only modeling but has recently ventured into acting as well. He says, "I've done an extra role and a t.v. pilot and the response from the community is that everyone now wants to collaborate and work together."

He's worked over 100 events doing promotional modeling for the top 500 Forbes companies and recently did a Zappo's photo shoot last night to grow their spectrum. He says what he's learned is to become what the clients want and that is how he's found the greatest success in the industry. Photographers really enjoy working with him because he goes in there and is so receptive to what they want to do and he so down to learn that he literally goes in there with the attitude of 'make me your muse'.

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