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Stars on Ice: A new generation shines in the spotlight

For twenty-eight years Stars on Ice has been entertaining audiences and on Sunday, May 18 the show wrapped up a 20-city tour, with Seattle being the final stop. Performing at Key Arena, it was clear that a new generation of figure skaters are leading the way and are hoping to carry on the legacy of the show, bringing it to new heights.

Stars on Ice Tour 2014
Sharon Sipple

“We’re the new batch,” Jeremy Abbott said. “We feel like we have such a responsibility to the show because it has such a great lineage and a great history. We carry that weight on our shoulders and we’ve worked really hard to make it a good show. It means so much to us,” Jeremy continued. “All of us grew up watching the show and we want to inspire a whole new generation of kids to start skating.”

Many of the skaters who performed have had an incredibly long season from the Grand Prix in the fall, to the Olympic Games in February and the World Championships in March, they have been going non-stop. It was obvious that some of the skaters seemed weary, while others who had not gone through the rigor of the Olympic Games, carried more energy and enthusiasm. Though many of these skaters are in need of a vacation they still performed well and put on a great show.

Stars on Ice opened with a beautiful group number and a magical entrance by Meryl Davis and Charlie White. With light snow seemingly falling down on them, they shined brightly in the spotlight. They then proceeded to greet everyone and they were warmly welcomed by the crowd.

Performances were given by Jeremy Abbott, Ashley Wagner, Gracie Gold, Ryan Bradley, Alissa Czisny, Mirai Nagasu, Kimberly Navarro and Brent Bommentre, Max Aaron, Polina Edmunds, Renton native Joshua Farris and Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

Highlights of the night included the boys' number where the guys (Joshua Farris, Jeremy Abbott, Charlie White, Brent Bommentre and Ryan Bradley) skated to "The Walker." Joshua Farris’ enthusiasm was contagious and really got the audience going. Both Joshua and Jeremy admitted in an earlier interview that this was their favorite number and it was clear to see why.

Mirai Nagasu was also a highlight of the evening, skating to "On Golden Ponds" and "Demons", which were both incredibly passionate and moving numbers. Mirai’s ability to interpret the music and skate with such heart was captivating.

Skating to "Latch" and "The Fear" Olympic bronze medalist, Jeremy Abbott, choreographed both programs, which were highly artistic and filled with innovative moves. Jeremy is such an incredible performer and Stars on Ice just seems to be such a great fit for him.

Ashley Wagner brought out some sexy sass, while Gracie Gold delivered a fun number to "All That Jazz" and "Frozen", which all of the young girls thoroughly enjoyed. Ryan Bradley was entertaining as always and Joshua Farris delivered a beautiful program to "To Build a Home" which included a gorgeous triple axel.

Each skater brought something special to the show and it was great experience for some of these younger skaters who are still learning to relate to the audience. Though there were two ice dancing teams, there seemed to be a void without a pair team present. It was also disappointing that Olympic gold medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White did not perform their free skate to "Scheherazade" from the Olympic Games as they had done at previous shows, but rumors circulated that Meryl was not feeling well. Nonetheless, the rest of the skaters carried the show quite well.

It is undeniable that some of these skaters truly have a knack for performing and are now in the position to help cary the show to the next level. Stars on Ice was a great mix of entertainment and artistry, and it will be exciting to watch as the show continues to develop with this new generation of skaters leading the way.

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