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Stars of Stage, Screen and Motorcycles

Neptune's Net
Neptune's Net

What do these top stars of film, television and music all have in common? Harrison Ford, Catherine Bell, Ben Afflec, Jay Leno, Angelina Jolie, Usher, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Tim Allen, Hugh Laurie, Adam Levine, George Clooney and Keanu Reeves share one thing in common and that is these super stars and many others all love to ride their motorcycles. So if you are visiting Hollywood in search of celebrities you should probably get off of the well worn area at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue and head out on the highway looking for adventure. It is very common to see Jay Leno on one of his many exotic motorcycles spinning around Burbank, California. I have run into to Arnold Schwarzenegger at a biker bar in the Malibu Hills. I have seen Angelina Jolie, Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise in various locations in the Los Angeles area. Many of these stars can easily afford to own a wide variety of exotic transportation machines including such dazzling automobiles as the Lamborghini or a Bentley but even if they own such cars they love their motorcycles. I fully understand this passion having myself been a rider for some 55 years now.

There are two reasons this matters to a lot of people. The obvious reason is, of course, that celebrity spotting is a full time sport amongst a great many people especially those visiting Hollywood. It is also interesting because there are a great many people at least considering joining the ranks of the “bikers.” It isn’t all bad ass motorcycle gangs anymore. A large, rapidly growing and very diverse number of people are moving into motorcycle riding not only for the great pleasure and freedom it brings but with gas prices continuing to reach for the stars even the stars are reaching for those fuel miser motorcycles.

To get a great up close and personal look at today’s biker you might want to visit Neptune’s Net on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. On any given day you will find dozens even hundreds of bikers patronizing this very well known seafood restaurant overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean. Great food, beautiful scenery, a whole lot of gorgeous motorcycles and not infrequently a major movie star or two.

Should you want to join the happy crowd of modern bikers I would strongly urge you take a well qualified motorcycle driving course. Riding a motorcycle is not all that challenging but it does require enhanced skill sets and at least supervised new experience. Also finding a motorcycle that is right for you is a little bit daunting especially for the inexperienced. Sure that ever popular macho machine, the Harley Davidson is a sweet bike, but they are large, heavy and powerful and thus not well suited to the novice. Oh and that gorgeous Ducati has tons of sex appeal, but their cost can reach north of eighty thousand dollars. Plus are you sure you want your first bike to be capable of 200+ miles per hour? Cute little scooters like the venerable Vespa are fun and great for city travel but their relatively small wheels and short wheel base can make for a very rough ride and they typically make a very poor choice for freeway travel.

You need to look around and talk with as many experienced bikers as you can. If you happen to live in the greater Los Angeles area there is one dealership I have done business with for many years that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to acquire a motorcycle. It is Honda of North Hollywood, 5626 Tujunga Ave., North Hollywood, California 91601. And don’t let the name fool you, they also sell Yamaha, Suzuki and not infrequently even a Harley or two. Their inventory ranges from very modest scooters to the behemoth of the road the venerable Honda Gold Wing. But most importantly from my many experiences with them Honda of North Hollywood has a staff of genuinely friendly and truly customer driven people working with them. All that said there are certainly other motorcycle shops around town. Just remember that you are the customer and therefore in any well run business it is you who is boss.

Whatever motorcycle you may ultimately buy I can assure you that you will have more fun than you ever imagined. You might also just find yourself whipping down a road someday riding right next to a Hollywood super star. Now I suppose that could also happen in your Ford F 150 but with none of the fun and none of the style of a motorcycle rider.

Copyright 2014 Ron Irwin

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