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Stars Go Dim

Lester Estelle,Chris Cleveland, Michael Wittig and Joey Avalos of Stars Go Dim
Lester Estelle,Chris Cleveland, Michael Wittig and Joey Avalos of Stars Go Dim
Cameron Powell

Stars Go Dim has made a big splash in both the Christian and secular music world. Recently they were named the Breakout Band of 2010 by CW33.  The band's music has been heard on many popular television series.  Tonight the band will be at Trees in Deep Ellum with Sleeperstar.  The show begins at 7 p.m.

Stars Go Dim is made up of Chris Cleveland (vocals, piano, guitar), Joey Avalos (guitar), Michael Wittig (bass), and Lester Estelle (drums).

This past week the members took time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions.

How do you describe the band's sound?

A: We like to think that our music is a mix between Pop, Rock and Soul. We love so many different styles of music that we never want to limit our own sound. The only style you probably won’t hear us do is metal. Those days are behind us. Ha!

What do you feel makes you unique from other bands out there?

A: When it comes to our sound I would say Chris Cleveland’s voice. When it comes to being a band, I would say it would have to be our communication with our fans. We are very close with our fans. We have daily conversations with them on Facebook and we are always asking their input as if they are the “5th” member. At the end of the day they basically are. Without their support we wouldn’t be a band.

When someone leaves a Stars Go Dim concert what do you want them thinking?

A:  Hopefully that they had a good time and didn’t think we were complete jerks. We love hanging out before and after shows with our fans. We try our best to make sure we make time for them!

Your band believes in giving back to the community. What are some ways you do that and why?

A:  We just try to encourage our fans daily with positive quotes on our Facebook. We realized very quickly that our songs meant more than we thought to some people and they actually help people get through life. We also like to go to children’s hospitals when we are going by one. We believe music can do amazing things. We also encourage our fans to do the same. Even if people don’t play music they always can offer their time. Your time can make a difference.

How long has the band been together?

A: About 3 years now. We started in 2007

What are your musical backgrounds?

A:  All over the map. You name we are influenced by it. Chris grew up singing in church. We all were in bands at a young age.

Tell me about your success with play on television shows.

A:  We never get tired of hearing our songs on TV. It’s such a cool and humbling experience. It helps us reach new fans and gives us another platform for our music to get out there.

What projects are you working on now?

A:  We are still touring and promoting our first album, Love Gone Mad. We are currently in and out of the studio, working on new songs. There is never a dull moment in our lives. We are always pressing forward.

How do you develop new material?

A:  Usually Joey (guitarist) writes most of the songs. He usually brings the new song ideas to the table and as a band we hash out the ideas and then record them. It’s a back and forth kind of process. We send song ideas and files via Internet since we all live in different states.

What is one song you wish you wrote?

A:  This is a tough question. We all probably would say any song that is timeless. As a band we hope we will have the opportunity to write a song or songs that will still be a part of people’s lives 20-50 years from now. You know, those songs that come on the radio or at a sporting event and instantly everyone starts singing it. Sort of like Journey’s song, Don’t Stop Believin'!


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