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Starmobile Diamond vs Cherry Mobile Omega HD

Starmobile Diamond and Cherry Mobile Omega HD are both Android Phones. Though they are Android phones, the two are distinctive in nature. Some of the features that Starmobile has might be different from the features in Cherry Mobile Omega HD. Their physical appearance might be the same but if you take a closer look, you will notice the difference.

When you look at the display of both phones, they have the same capacitive touch screen, 5.0-inch HD (1280×720). They have the same protection; they are protected by Dragon trail Glass. Looking at them you would think that they are twins but there is a slight difference. Even though they have similar processor which is 1GHz dual-core, Cherry Mobile Omega HD has a small difference in the size of the battery. It has 2,100Ah as compared to Starmobile’s 2,000mAh. Their prices are also different; Starmobile Diamond is more expensive than Cherry Mobile Omega HD by 2000Php. Starmobile is Php9, 990 and Cherry Mobile Omega is Php7, 990

These Phones that have similar RAM-1GB, Memory- 4GB, Camera (Rear) - 12MP BSI w/ LED flash OS- Android 4.1 Jelly bean and connectivity and when using them you do not lose much. Information on the website, states that Starmobile had announced and produced Diamond V3 Phablet on 25th June 2013. The websites then goes ahead to list the phone’s impressive features like the design, display, hardware, camera, connectivity and technology, battery and multimedia. The website identified other features of the phone like messaging; you can use Email, Push Email, MMs and SMS. It also came up with pros and cons and finally the verdict.

According to the website, Diamond V3 has a big screen where one can watch videos, type texts and play mobile games. With its big RAM and fast processor, one can do many tasks and run huge applications. The website does not leave out the cons, it states that though a good phone it might not serve everyone the same. Some people might not be comfortable with its big sized phablet they would prefer phones which are discreet and cannot be noticed when in the pocket or handbag. The battery too may not be optimal considering its large display screen.

The website goes further to give a verdict that Startmobile Diamond V3 is one of the best phones so far. Considering the features it has. The website could have been biased not to review Cherry Mobile Omega HD maybe because it found similar features in them. It only reviewed Philips W3500, Starmobile Knight, Onda Andy Smart, Archos 40 Titanium, Starmobile Diamond V3, Starmobile Diamond V7, Philips W7555, Sanyo Zio, Archos 53 Titanium, Archos 50 Titanium.

Now that the prices are different with people wondering how suitable one is to the other, one look at the starmobile’s over-all chassis design and build is wonderful. It has a hard plastic with a mate finish instead of the glossy plastic which makes it comfortable to the hand. It also has a better front-facing camera as compared to Cherry Mobile Omega HD. The Chassis too of Cherry Mobile Omega is thin and light making you hold it well.

The two Phones have very little differences but they share a lot of similar features. They are all hits so the preference is yours. Maybe the Price is what can make others consider Cherry Mobile Omega HD.

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