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StarCityGames announces Modern Premier IQs during Legacy Opens

Modern Premier IQs will be held on the same day as the Legacy Open
Modern Premier IQs will be held on the same day as the Legacy Open

If there wasn't enough of a reason for you to attend the Sunday events at the Open Series, now there is. Announced yesterday via their website, starting July 19-20, at the Open Series in Baltimore, Modern format Premier IQs will be held in addition to the Legacy Opens that are usually held.

With the addition of the Modern IQ, event schedules needed to be shifted in order to accommodate the tournament. The time shifts that were made include moving the Top 8 of the Saturday Standard Open to the following Sunday at 8:00 AM. Then at 9:00 AM, the Legacy portion would begin, promptly followed by the Modern IQ at 10:00 AM.

This is great news for Modern players who have seen a large increase in popularity for their format. However, this leaves the question of how will this impact the Legacy format? With talks of it's slow demise, this does not help its cause for survival. It already lacks any support from Wizards of the Coast, and now, it's main supporter is making room for another format.

Better get your games of Legacy in now because they may be your last. What do you think? Does this spell the end of the Legacy format? Or can both survive at the same time? Let us know in the comments below.