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Starbucks wants to apologize for employee who denied entry to service dog

According to Tuesday's Democrat and Chronicle, Starbucks has reached out to apologize to a Brighton, New York, woman who was denied service on Sunday afternoon because of her service dog.

USA Today reported that 24-year-old Amy Kaplan was with her service dog, a malamute named "Zero," on Sunday afternoon when she entered a Twelve Corners Starbucks store. Kaplan posted the encounter to YouTube, along with an explanation of what transpired.

Along with the YouTube video, is an explanation of what took place:

Normally, my service dog wears a vest when we are in businesses because it cuts down on questions. Today though, we were just going out for a very long walk. It was over 80* outside and I did not plan on going in any businesses so no vest, and I did not want it to contribute to him overheating anyway. That is my legally protected right to make that choice. After a long walk in the heat, I decided to stop in to Starbucks to grab a frappuchino. This man told me to "GET OUT" and started harassing me and my service dog.

A regional vice president with Starbucks quickly reached out to apologize to Kaplan for the incident. Sumi Ghosh emailed the woman stating:

"I want to personally apologize to you about what happened,"

"It is not consistent with our standards and policies and your experience was clearly not what we would have wanted for you."

Laurel Harper, a spokeswoman for Starbucks, also acknowledged that the company was trying to reach Kaplan to make a formal apology. Harper stated:

"It's unfortunate that this happened,"

"Ms. Kaplan did have an experience that's absolutely inconsistent with our values and our service animal policy."

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