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Starbucks rewards program newly updated with more benefits


   AP Photo/Gregory Bull 

Starbucks offering free stuff? That's right. They are with their newly designed MY STARBUCKS REWARDS. The more purchased at Starbucks, the more earned.

Here's how it works: Buy a Starbucks Card, then register it. Just for REGISTERING the card with My Starbucks Rewards, the card holder earns 1 Star and as those stars add up, so does the free stuff. Once registered, every card holder receives a handcrafted birthday beverage which he or she gets to choose. Think that's all for just registering the card? WRONG. They will give FREE Wi-Fi for 2 continuous hours every day.

Now, for the Green Level. Once 5 Stars have been earned (meaning 5 purchases have been made), the card holder kicks into the Green Level. At the Green Level, when purchasing a beverage, the syrup and milk options are FREE. Buying a brewed coffee is more fun now too, because after the purchase of one, there are FREE refills for that brewed coffee, or even iced coffee. Feel like buying a pound of Starbucks Whole Bean coffee? Perfect, take a handcrafted Tall beverage with it for FREE. Finally, for the Green Level, they will alert cardholders to free trial offers when new items will be introduced in the coffeehouse.

Thought Starbucks would stop at the Green Level? Not even close. After collecting 30 Stars (meaning 30 purchases) cardholders are considered Gold Level. This level entitles cardholders to everything from the Green Level they loved so dearly, but also to a whole new batch of rewards. Free drink after earning 15 Stars - every 15 Stars collected equals a free beverage. The card even gets a facelift-they will send a personalized special Starbucks Card. Plus, a whole lot of personalized offers and coupons based on the items normally purchased by that particular Gold Level cardholder.

Have questions? Check out their FAQ page on the program here.