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Starbucks offers free coffee with breakfast

Free coffee at Starbucks when you buy a breakfast sandwich
Free coffee at Starbucks when you buy a breakfast sandwich

There is just one more day left to perk up your morning with a free cup of coffee at Starbucks, from March 12 through 14, 2014. All you have to do is buy any of the breakfast sandwiches that Starbucks has added to its food line up.

Choose from eight breakfast sandwiches, three of them are brand new. When you do, you will get to choose which grande size of brewed coffee you want for no additional charge. It’s like a breakfast combination plate, only you get the coffee free and walk away with a good start to a productive day.

Choose from three brand new sandwiches:

  1. a brand new slow-roasted swiss and ham
  2. a brand new vegetable fontiago
  3. a brand new egg and cheddar

Or, one of three recently introduced offers:

  1. sausage and cheddar
  2. bacon and gouda
  3. ham and cheddar

Or, count your calories with these two options that are less than 300 calories each:

  • A reduced-fat turkey bacon sandwich
  • A spinach and feta breakfast wrap

The St. Louis area has dozens of Starbucks locations to choose from, so head out tomorrow to enjoy the last day of this special free coffee event.

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