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Starbucks Coffee remaining neutral in Arizona boycott by Seattle City Council

Starbucks Corporation is based in Seattle, WA.
Starbucks Corporation is based in Seattle, WA.
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According to a representative of the Starbucks Corporation in the Customer Relations Department, the coffee maker will remain neutral in regards to the boycott of Arizona that was voted on by the Seattle City Council yesterday.

Starbucks Corporation is based out of Seattle, but in a statement read by the representative, the company wishes to remain neutral and has no opinion on political matters, nor does it have any affiliation with a particular political party. 

While the Starbucks Corporation is remaining neutral, the Seattle City Council has voted to boycott any companies based in Arizona in a hope that the Federal Government will step in and provide immigration reform. 

For more information on the boycott you can go to

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact the Starbucks Customer Relations Department at 800-235-2883.


  • Pamela 5 years ago

    Love Starbucks as they did the same on the gun issue. Great strategy to stayout of things.

  • Gil 5 years ago

    Hi! Katie:

    I saw your comment on my Phoenix Conservative Examiner. Actually, that column is not just about immigration but it is right now because it is engulfing Phoenix and it is so very horrible. Did not know how to contact you by e-mail so I thought I'd leave a message here. I also write another column called Phoenix Small Business Management Examiner.

    With respect to Starbucks their neutrality seems quite appropriate. They sell coffee to all political classes and coffee is their business. Too bad the Phoenix Suns did not remain neutral but then how could they? Mr. Obama gave them $140 million from the TARP funds so they are indebted to him and have to be pro illegal. Why basketball needed a bailout is a real mystery but they got the bailout.

    Starbucks needs to work on its coffee though. I stopped going for a long time and noticed they improved except that they must have chemicals in their coffee because after more than one cup I feel terrible. Love tea though. Buy it in

  • Gil 5 years ago

    Meant to say that I buy my tea from India. Long story. The tea is awesome and I love it strong. It almost looks like coffee but is delicious and no headaches or feeling terrible. I strongly suspect that Starbucks is putting a lot of chemicals in their beans. It never used to taste like that or affect me after just one cup. Be seeing you. Gil

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