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Star Wars Roleplaying saga ends again

Star Wars Miniatures
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Wizards of the Coast, the publishers of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition and Star Wars Miniatures announced on Thursday, January 28th that they will not be renewing their license with Lucasfilm for the Star Wars properties. WotC_BigGuy released this information through the Official Star Wars game forums on Wizards’ official website so that players will not be blindsided by the change.

WotC_BigGuys, a forum moderator and Wizards employee, confirmed that the remaining publications will still make print as the final chapters in the games. Galaxy of Intrigue and The Unknown Regions will be the final publications for the RPG. The final miniatures lines will be the recently released The Dark Times and an upcoming set, Masters of the Force.

This comes as a big surprise to many players who recently witnessed Wizards dropping the Star Wars Constructible Miniatures game which was purchased along with the holdings of WizKids. WotC_BigGuys confirmed a major reason for the ending of these lines is due to the current state of economic affairs and the market for such games.

The Sage Edition of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game is based on the d20 system which was popularized by the flagship title of Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons and Dragons. The miniatures also followed in the footsteps of D&D and were a combination of D&D miniatures and the Saga Edition rules.

These games were very popular amongst Boise players who have organized tournaments and exhibited the miniature figures at Fandemonium and other local events. The Star Wars Roleplaying Game and Miniatures lines are available at all local gaming stores as well as Hastings locations. These locations will continue to support the sale of the products as long as they are available from the manufacturer.

Update: Lucasfilm has confirmed this rumor through and notes that RPGs and Minis are still important to the Saga and to keep an eye out for future information on the products.


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