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2014 Winter Olympics

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Star Wars invades Sochi Olympics? Video hilariously looks at why skiers wipeout

Olympic skiers sometimes wipeout on the tough courses set up at the Winter Games. Fans know wipeouts are part of the sport, but viewers sometimes wonder if there is anything causing the trouble spots that are beyond the camera’s view. Well, the new Star Wars invasion of the Sochi Olympics might explain a few of those moments. According to Bleacher Report on Wednesday the video that surfaces with Star Wars elements is going viral as fans get a laugh out of what the parody video offers as a cause for wipeouts.

What is pretty obvious is that the video showcases just what could happen if the course was invaded by a few well-known scenes from the Star Wars movie series. A few blasts in front of the Olympic skiers and a wipeout is inevitable. Add some hilarious graphics and Olympic skiing is once again exciting.

The past few days of the Olympic Games have fans watching closely and wondering what will be next. With more figure skating and hockey on the way the next week should be exciting. And if there is any interest to see how an Olympic skier might handle a Star Wars invasion, then take a quick peek at the video too. It’s laugh out loud funny!

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