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Star Wars future is Now with Voxiebox: A 3D Holographic Display that plays games

On 1/15/14, Extreme Tech reported that the future of tomorrow may be arriving a little sooner than expected with the announcement of the Voxiebox: A 3D Holographic display that plays video games, like the infamous Star Wars scene in a New Hope where R2-D2 and Chewbacca were playing the Star Wars chess game of Dejarik.The Voxiebox made a rare appearance at the Games Forum an event in New York City where game developers showcase their products to receive feedback. It was the highlight of the night at the Games Forum event and left everyone there wanting more.

The best photograph currently of the Voxiebox.
Extreme Tech

The technology behind the Voxiebox is much simpler than it would seem. The device contains a projector that beams an image up onto a screen, which in turn vibrates up and down at a rapid speed. The rapid vibration allows the image to appear as though it’s a 3D asset. If that’s tough to picture, think of it as similar to those light trail pictures that frequently pop up on social networks. (Extreme Tech/James P.)"

You can circle around the Voxiebox and the image quality never wavers or fades out of view. The only way the image will disappear is if you look at the display’s base head-on; you’re supposed to look at it from an overhead angle similar to the camera orientation in games like Diablo (Extreme Tech/James P.)"

The Voxiebox is still in the development stages so the resolution is lower at the present time. Once the consumer/arcade model is released, we can only imagine how gorgeous the resolution will be for the new generation's holographic games. This means that a user can hold a game pad in their palm and control the game with their hand only. This gives the Voxiebox leverage over the Oculus Rift, which basically replaces the mobility of a computer's mouse with a device on your head that is controlled by the movement of your head only.

The Voxiebox developer is Sean Kean and is aiming to have the Voxiebox in arcade's first and eventually release a consumer model. That will be an amazing day when that happens for all consumers. Just imagine playing a holographic version of the Game of Life, Sorry, Hungry Hippos, Chutes and Ladders, etc!

For further product updates and developments the team at Voxiebox can be followed on Face Book here.

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