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'Star Wars: Episode VII' Reportedly Casts 'Transformers 4' Star Jack Reynor

Jack Reynor may be headed to a galaxy far far away.
Jack Reynor may be headed to a galaxy far far away.

The meteoric rise of actor Jack Reynor has been something to watch over the last few months. His performance in Lenny Abrahamson's drama What Richard Did turned a lot of heads, including that of Michael Bay, who quickly sought him to lead Transformers: Age of Extinction. Along the way he made a brief stop to hang out with Vince Vaughn in the forgettable Delivery Man, but according to Harry Knowles of AICN, Reynor's blockbuster days could just be beginning.

According to Knowles, Reynor has landed a role in Star Wars: Episode VII. This comes from two reported sources stating that he didn't just meet with J.J. Abrams or had a lunch with some producer, but that he is actually in the film as an unspecified character. He would be the first official casting (other than R2-D2) amongst a sea of candidates that include Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

A recent story said that most of the principle casting has been completed, and maybe Reynor is a part of that. Disney doesn't seem to be in any hurry to confirm anything, though, so take this with a grain of salt until something official comes down. Filming is expected to begin in May for release on December 18th 2015.