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'Star Wars: Episode VII' Filming Has Already Begun

Star Wars: Episode VII opens December 18th 2015
Star Wars: Episode VII opens December 18th 2015

The secrecy surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII is to be expected, not only from a Disney standpoint, but from a J.J. Abrams standpoint. He's always been the type to keep everything under lock and key until the last possible moment, and apparently that includes when shooting will begin. It seems there's been some misdirection, as it's been stated recently that filming would begin in six weeks on May 14th. But Walt Disney Chairman Alan Horn has told THR that production is already underway, stating "Actually, we're shooting some of it now."

There have been rumors going around that filming had begun in Egypt, and this would seem to back up those claims. It could just be some second unit photography taking place before the main work begins.

Horn also addressed the casting, which has had practically everybody in Hollywood read for a role in the film. He admitted it has been the toughest part of production so far, but added "we have a lot of them, it's just not completely done yet."

Of course, no official casting announcements have been made and likely won't be until every piece is in place. And even then we may not know until Abrams is fully comfortable revealing anything. And part of that comfort will be in getting the script just right. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan took over scripting from Michael Arndt, and Horn reiterated just how important it was to get the screenplay right, saying "It's all about the screenplay. It has to be screenplay, screenplay, screenplay." He also confirmed the story would take place 35 years after Return of the Jedi. There have been some rumors of some

Star Wars: Episode VII opens December 18th 2015