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Star Wars Episode 7 plot leak: New details emerge as buzz around film skyrockets

News of a Star Wars Episode 7 plot leak has taken the internet by storm and on July 20, Badass Digest shared exclusive first information about the initial frame of the next installment. There is still a year and a half until the premiere and many will not want to know spoilers but Devin Faraci, author of the news, has been very cautious about revealing more than necessary.

What follows is the premise of the film, just that; no spoilers beyond its starting point.

According to sources, Star Wars Episode VII begins with the image of a Jedi Knight's severed hand holding a lightsaber while wandering through space. Yes, strange as it sounds; only one hand. After falling to a desert planet, the Jedi sword will be recovered by two characters, played by Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, who will act as great heroes of this release. Both realizing the importance of the relic, they decide to return it to the right people.

Their search takes them to meet Han Solo and Chewbacca, who recognize the object as belonging to Luke Skywalker, who they haven't seen in three decades. And so, together, they begin a quest to find the whereabouts of the Jedi Master.

Meanwhile, on an ice planet, enemy forces are building a super weapon capable of destroying entire solar systems. With the group meeting heroes and the threat of a new Death Star, many film experts are expecting Star Wars Episode 7 to be a nod to the past - but also with new concepts and locations.

Surely Disney will deny everything, as usual, but the sources of Badass Digest are usually very strong and would not release this plot leak without sufficient knowledge. Despite extreme secrecy in which involves anything related to the movie, Faraci, who has been very critical of everything about this relaunch of the JJ Abrams' intergalactic saga, is very knowledgeable about how the film is being formed. However, the rumored plot details remain unconfirmed.

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