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'Star Wars' could be coming to 'Disney Infinity 2.0'

Star Wars Coming to Disney Infinity 2.0
Star Wars Coming to Disney Infinity 2.0
Photo courtesy of Disney

An interview making the rounds on Thursday hints at Disney Infinity 2.0 will include characters from the Star Wars franchise at some point in 2015.

Newsarama has an interview with both John Vignocchi and John Blackburn in which it asks for hints about what is coming for Disney Infinity 2.0 and they give quite a hint indeed.

While Star Wars is never actually offificially mentioned, but when talking about Disney Infinity 2.0 Blackburn noted they can talk about the future but its “far, far, away.”

Vignocchi noted that 2015 is not so “far, far away anymore is it?” Obviously for anyone who is a Star Wars fan, the storyline for the Sci-Fi soap opera is that it takes place in a galaxy far, far away.

This isn’t the first time Star Wars has been teased for Disney Infinity 2.0. Back in April, the series was hinted at during the official announcement for the second phase of Disney Infinity.

The event and unveiling largely focused on Marvel characters but there was also the appearance of Rapunzel holding a light saber.

There have been other characters that could unlock Star Wars light sabers including Agent P from Phineas and Ferb.

Disney purchased the rights to the Star Wars universe back in October of 2012 and has previously gained the license to Marvel content in 2009.

Earlier in the interview, Vignocchi said Infinity is going to continue growing thanks in large part to the continued content Disney is putting out.

The Disney Infinity 2.0 starter pack is due out on September 23 in the US and September 19 in the UK.

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