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Star Wars coming to Blu Ray

May the force be with you on blu ray,
May the force be with you on blu ray,

George Lucas recently stated in an interview in the New York Times that all six Star Wars films will be released on Blu-Ray in 2011. Evidently, there will be a good amount of extras included on the disc along with deleted scenes. The DVD versions were high quality with the only big problem being that the original trilogy used the laserdisc version of the original theatrical release instead of cleaning up the masterprint. This was apparently due to the cost of cleaning up the original film footage. Hopefully, at some point George Lucas will fork out the money to give fans what they want and deserve. The original theatrical releases cleaned up the way a classic film should be.

One awesome deleted scene was released and can be seen here and an interview with Producer Gary Katz  that explains what could have been can be read here. The article also explains how the toy business began to drive the films.