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'Star Wars' Cantina Band auditions: 'Idol' alums, Rick Springfield, and Weird Al

What do Chris Daughtry, Rick Springfield, Weird Al Yankovic, Mark McGrath and "Star Wars" all have in common? Up until a recent video hit the Internet, probably nothing. Oh, the guys are probably fans (who isn't?), but until the auditions for the Mos Eisley Cantina Band, there most likely was no actual connection between the popular musicians and the franchise.

The Wrap reported May 2 that along with Daughtry, et. al., Jordin Sparks, Ben Folds, mc chris, Reggie Watts, Liz Phair and Lisa Loeb all auditioned for the most popular band in a galaxy far, far away. Its a spoof provided by College Humor and Lucasfilm (of course) and YouTube, where three judges bring in a motley assortment of Cantina Band wannabes and pass judgment on their skills.

To be succinct: They're all terrible, no matter what your native planet's taste in music.

Chris Daughtry (a.k.a. Chris Darthtry), all decked out in Darth Maul make-up and double-axe guitar (a la Darth Maul's double-ended lightsabre), screamed a dark, metal-ish anthem of destruction, only to be cowed by a tiny box-on-wheels droid. Young Jedi Jordin Sparks (Jor Din Sparks) tried to get everyone to vote for her (apparently she's moved on to "Intergalactic Idol" -- bet those applicable extra charges are a bank account killer) and got at least one vote from one of the judges. And Rick Springfield (Rick Forcefield) stepped out as a Jedi Knight and used the force to play guitar (while he played air guitar stage left).

All in all, the video is great fun for "Star Wars" fans and a great ramp-up for May 4th (you know, May the Fourth, as in "May the Fourth be with you," which is universally recognized as "Star Wars Day" -- at least on planet Earth). And franchise adicionados will appreciate the awful and melodramatic lyrics of all the auditioners (except Springfield/Forcefield; he only played guitar).

So did any of the "auditioners" make the Mos Eisley Cantina Band? Spoiler Alert: Rick Forcefield was chosen. (Some are undoubtedly thinking: "Hey. Unfair. He had to have used a Jedi mind trick to get the gig. You know, something like: 'Pay no mind to how terrible my guitar playing sounds.'")

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