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'Star Wars Battlefront 3' compared to 'Battlefield' and other games

'Star Wars Battlefront 3'
'Star Wars Battlefront 3'
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Karl Magnus Troedsson has compared the tentatively-titled, "Star Wars Battlefront 3," with the previous games of the series as well as the "Battlefield" franchise. According to a report from Gameranx on July 1, the general manager at Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment admitted that the original "Star Wars Battlefront" games borrowed a lot of elements from the "Battlefield" series. Both intellectual properties are multiplayer-focused as players can fight on foot along with various vehicles.

He also disclosed that the previous development teams developed the video games specifically for "Star Wars" fans. The same core plan is going to be implemented into "Star Wars Battlefront 3" as well. To bring additional authenticity, Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment visited the same locations that the original movies were filmed. The studio also made a trip to a museum featuring models and props from the films in order to gather some additional information as well.

Despite the likeness of both franchises, Karl Magnus Troedsson disclosed that "Star Wars Battlefront 3" won't be similar to the previous "Battlefield" and "Star Wars Battlefront" games. Unfortunately, the general manager did not elaborate on how different it will be. At E3 2014, Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment provided an early look at the upcoming title with some characters, locations and vehicles. However, no real gameplay elements were shown in the short video.

Before the new "Star Wars" game, Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment previously developed "Battlefield 4." The same company is also working on a reboot of "Mirror's Edge." All three games are using the internally-developed Frostbite 3, a graphics engine that is also being utilized in other titles such as "Dragon Age Inquisition" and the tentatively-titled "Mass Effect 4."

No release date has been announced for "Star Wars Battlefront 3" although the video game is expected to come out for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. More details should be revealed next spring, however. You can find an image of the upcoming title from the official Twitter page of Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment near the top of this article.