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'Star Wars Battlefront 3' characters, locations and vehicles hinted

'Battlefield Hardline'
'Battlefield Hardline'
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment has hinted at some of the contents that will be included in the tentatively-titled, "Star Wars Battlefront 3," at E3 2014. According to a report from Evil Controllers on June 14, the development team posted a video update on how the production has been progressing. Although the footage contains very little action, it did tease the direction of the multiplatform title.

The studio decided to visit several locations that were used to film "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope," "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" and "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi." The team went on to show the early prototypes for the Hoth and Endor maps. The former was initially tease during last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Endor was shown with the speeder bike vehicle as the on-screen character can be seen weaving his or her way through the heavily-forested area. Finally, a model of the Stormtrooper was also featured. With the new game, Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment wanted to pay homage to the classic movies by looking at the original design models for characters, locations and vehicles used in the movies.

"Star Wars Battlefront 3" was announced at E3 2013 after Electronic Arts acquired the "Star Wars" license. Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, the developer of the "Battlefield 4," decide to revive the dormant but popular "Star Wars Battlefront" intellectual property. Even with the new details, some fans were disappointed that not more of the project ended up being shown in the video at E3 2014.

Electronic Arts decided to glance over a lot of future projects during their E3 2014 media briefing. The tentatively-titled "Mass Effect 4" and "Mirror's Edge 2" were only shown with a few concept clips as well. Instead, the publisher decided to focus on games that were closer to release such as "Battlefield Hardline" and "Dragon Age Inquisition." You can find a promotional screen of the former title from the official "Battlefield" Twitter page with the photo attached near the top of this article.