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'Star Wars' and Hot Wheels announce new partnership

Hot Wheels and Star Wars toys coming in June
Hot Wheels and Star Wars toys coming in June
Hot Wheels via its official Twitter page

Today, May 29, Hot Wheels (owned by Mattel) announced via its official Twitter page that a collaboration between them and Star Wars had been reached. The debut of the new toy line will be in the 150th issue of Star Wars Insider which is set to hit newsstands on June 10.

The tweet also used the hashtag SDCC, which is short for San Diego Comic Con, teasing that they will have an exclusive car or box set for the largest comic and toy convention in the United States that will be held this July.

Hot Wheels is one of the most famous toy car makers in the world. Although Hot Wheels were originally marketed to children, they have become very popular with adult toy and car collectors. It is common to see Hot Wheels collectors outside of toy stores before they open so they can comb the racks of newly stock cars to find the limited or rare releases.

Since Disney bought Star Wars late in 2012, they have been bringing the already incredible vast action figure and toy line to even more companies and franchises. By adding Hot Wheels to the line, Star Wars is now represented in the two largest toy companies in the world, Hasbro and Mattel.