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'Star Wars 7' star Carrie Fisher likens the film to that of the D-Day invasion

Actress Carrie Fisher attends Geffen Playhouse's Annual 'Backstage At The Geffen' Gala at Geffen Playhouse on March 22, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

According to The Telegraph on Saturday, Carrie Fisher, who will be reprising her role as Leia Solo in J.J. Abrams' "Star Wars 7" film, discussed how keeping everything a secret is similar to the D-Day invasion at Normandy. She claims one of her impulses is usually not to censor herself, but with all the high level of interest and now Fisher seriously being under the microscope, she can understand such lines of thought considering a lot of generations grew up with her character and the George Lucas film.

Fisher likened the reunion of them returning to the franchise to that of the old cast returning to reprise roles in "Gone with the Wind". She isn't comparing the two film epics, but it seems that she was just trying to display how it felt from her point of view as an actor. She had also lost 35 pounds to be in the part and mentioned that it wasn't necessarily something she was crazy about doing, but as with anything in life, some people just have to grin and bite the bullet.

"They always hire not entirely me; they always want me minus anywhere between 10lb and 30lb to 40lb. In this case I’ve been very cooperative. If I could’ve been as cooperative as I am in this situation in relationships, I’d be happily married. But I complied. I’ve learnt over time that you’re not supposed to like everything you do. That was shocking to me, to find that out at, like, 30 years old. Well, OK, if I don’t have to like it then, s---, I can do that."

Proud mother Debbie Reynolds made the announcement of Fisher's weight loss and her feeling of excitement in returning to the franchise. Reynolds was promoting an auction during an interview with Mario Lopez when she had talked about the news being revealed to her.

Fisher, daughter to singer Eddie Fisher, had suffered some trails of tribulations of a marriage implosion between her parents when her father ran off with Elizabeth Taylor. Then there was the obvious heavy use of hallucinogens, but now Fisher has been sober for a time. Hopefully, her skills of an actress can be brought back into Abrams' epic big screen project. There was also a time back in the day when Lucas' British crew thought he knew nothing of film making while he was dead set on making his "film opera" dream a reality on-screen.

"Star Wars 7" is scheduled for theaters come Dec. 18, 2015.

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