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'Star Wars 7' rumored to move its project to the Isle of Skye in Scotland

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According to Yahoo Movies on Saturday, it looks like after some filming of "Star Wars 7" in the unforgiving heat of Abu Dhabi, rumor has it that the crew of J.J. Abrams may be heading their way to the Isle of Skye at a high school in Scotland. Sources claim that its production crews will be setting up in the city of Portree.

It appears that Portree High School has been a host to another performance at their location. "X-Men: Days of Future Past's" Michael Fassbender did his rendition of MacBeth at the venue. Sometime back, there were rumors going around that "Star Wars 7's" crews were going to head up north for the continuance of the filming and the Isle of Skye was under consideration since last May.

The Sun publication iterated that the scenery of the Isle of Skye forms an ideal backdrop synonymous to the mountainous planet in the "Star Wars" universe. The rock formations and other geographic formations do tend to lend to that kind of quality scenery that is truely impressive in nature.

"Location bosses feel Scotland possesses stunning scenery perfect for movie backdrops," said The Sun. "They will look great on the big screen and the rock formations will replicate the perception of mountainous planets. It will be the first time 'Star Wars' has ever been shot north of the border."

But the question still yet remains whether or not Scotland will indeed be a "confirmed" location on the agenda for J.J. Abrams. One can only speculate and of course fill the internet with rumors and hearsay, but Carrie Fisher did tweet about something on her account that seemed to have alluded to something.

"My earliest addiction was reading. Tho books--however mind altering- don't quite qualify as a drug. If they did, you'd have to go to ReADhab - Carrie Fisher (@carrieffisher) May 25, 2014."

Carrie seems to have thrown out some kind of pun that fueled online fansites of her location and according to sources, the "tweet" was marked as being from North Ayrshire . This may seem to add to the likelihood of the rumors in a more accurate fashion that "Star Wars 7" could be heading to Scotland. No one can no for certain, but production is doing its share at Pinewood Studios in the United States and so the locality of the work would make sense if done locally as the UK is smaller in size which is something the studios aren't really used to.

"Star Wars 7" is scheduled to be released in theaters come Dec. 18, 2015.