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'Star Trek' tractor beam is real thing created at university

A new "Star Trek" tractor bream is actually a reality after a university has created it. On Friday, BBC shared about this new beam. It is actually the first time a beam has been used to move something and everyone is really impressed by this happening. This technology could be a huge thing in medicine and end up being used for ultrasound-based clinical techniques.

'Star Trek'
wikimedia commons

Fans remember this kind of thing from "Star Trek" where they could actually do this but it has never been done in a real world situation. The doctor working on it spoke out saying, "This is the first time anyone has demonstrated a working acoustic tractor beam and the first time such a beam has been used to move anything bigger than microscopic targets. We were able to show that you could exert sufficient force on an object around one centimetre in size to hold or move it, by directing twin beams of energy from the ultrasound array towards the back of the object."

This obviously is in the really early stages. The "Star Trek" tractor beam is something that is going to continue to be developed now that they have been able to get started on it. It will be amazing to see what all can be done.

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