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Star Trek-Style Wearable Communicator for iPhone & Android

Star trek communicator
Star trek communicator
Star trek communicator

Communicate with Siri and Google Now functions. How Does it Work?

CommBadge is a patent pending wearable Bluetooth Smart (4.0) speakerphone for iPhone and Android, measuring just 1.54" (39.1mm) in diameter. It's simple to use, yet amazingly convenient! All of CommBadge's functions are controlled by just tapping it, we call it the "touch interface." It uses the latest DSP audio SoC (system on a chip) to minimize background and wind noise. By combining proprietary directional and personalized speaker technology, CommBadge brings you crystal clear handsfree communication. You'll be able to customize CommBadge with the free companion apps coming soon.

Here's what you can do with it:

Simply by speaking and listening through your CommBadge, while leaving your phone in a pocket, backpack or purse, you can:

Place and answer calls ears-free
Send and receive text messages (“text-to-speech” through CommBadge)
Use your phone's native voice commands, such as Siri and Google Now to set calendar events, timers and reminders, get sports news, and search for information
Receive a voice annunciated alert from the Wireless Tether feature that you left your smartphone behind
Be notified of incoming calls, texts, calendar and social media events with customizable voice prompts, vibration, sound, and LED's
Listen to distortion-free music through proprietary acoustic drivers
And more, all hands and eyes-free!

You can attach it to your car visor or your backpack and there are different colors to choose from.

Here are the production plans:

CommBadge and SmartTek Systems protects you on the go!
Timeline for Production

Early-March - Soft launch with partners (Launched!)
Mid-April 2014 - Begin PCB Rev. b production and testing
April 2014 - Component ordering
Mid-May 2014 - Injection mold test runs complete
Early-June 2014 - Begin full production
July 2014 - Fulfillment

You can get yours here:

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