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'Star Trek: Phase 2' web series spins off from events prior to 'Star Trek' movie

According to CNet on Saturday, a conversation with "Star Trek: Phase 2's" assistant director Dennis Hotston revealed quite a few interesting tidbits of information about the spin-off web series. Something fascinating to know is the fact that the series spins off from a planned reboot by Paramount. However, it got eliminated in regards to moving forward with the "Star Trek" movie in its place.

Elizabeth Woodard as Andorian/Star Trek attends Nashville Comic Con 2013 at Music City Center on October 19, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Photo by Beth Gwinn/Getty Images

At this point, the web series brought to the web nine episodes with a 10th ready to make its debut in the following months. It's been sub-titled "The Holiest Thing" and first to feature the new Captain James T. Kirk as portrayed by Brian Gross. James Cawley, who was the senior executive producer of "Star Trek: Phase 2", was the former actor that portrayed Kirk and now Gross will be taking his place. Gross remarked on how Cawley was ever able to manage to portray the role, but jump around whilst busy working behind the camera, too.

Gross also has done work with some of the "CSI" TV series, "Saving Grace", and voice over work for the "Star Wars: The Old Republic" video game. Even fans made comments about a private screening of the show where they had mentioned that "he was a better Captain Kirk than Captain Kirk."

Not to mention the venue in which it was shooting is planing on upgrading it's location from the old car dealership in which they were used to filming to a new studio in Ticonderoga, N.Y. Apparently Cawley has the original Desilu Studios blue prints from the 1966 "Star Trek" series and pretty much plans on using them to design the set to its exact likeness.

As of now, fans can call to arrange to see the set pieces for themselves to immerse themselves into the experience and there are also talks of conducting routine tours of the venue. Hotston mentioned how it's quite remarkable to get a feel of the props and set pieces.

"It's an amazing feeling to step up to the sets because James Cawley has such a such a great eye for detail. Things like the paint colors, the trim...all these things are exactly like they were in the '60s. He's taken years to find props for Kirk's quarters, and just little things like that make all the difference when the episode hits the air."

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