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'Star Trek Online' Season 8.5 now live

Season 8.5 is now live!
Season 8.5 is now live!
Cryptic Studios/Perfect World Entertainment

Season 8.5, the latest update to the free-to-play science fiction MMORPG, "Star Trek Online", went live yesterday to help kick off the game's fourth anniversary. This update includes several quality of life (QOL) improvements, updates to missions, and a new Featured Episode.

The new Featured Episode, "A Step Between the Stars," stars the voice talents of Tim Russ, the actor who portrayed Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager. Russ reprises his role as Tuvok in the mission, which centers around a Dyson Sphere. The first play through of this mission awards 400 "Qmendations." Collecting 1000 of these "Qmendations" by February 27th awards the player a Dyson Sphere Destroyer.

Quality of life improvements in Season 8.5 include Starship Switching and quick equip. Players will now be able to switch to another starship that they own from any social area or sector space instead of having to journey to a starbase to do so. Switching ships is limited to one switch per minute. Quick Equip lets players quickly swap out gear for their character, ship, or bridge officer.

Other features added with Season 8.5 include a small craft PvP arena, weekend events, and art and gameplay improvements to early Federation missions.

For more information on "Star Trek Online" and Season 8.5, head on over to the official website.