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Star Trek Online: new Discovery ship class

Star Trek: Online has announced a new ship class for its MMORPG, the Discovery class. The Discovery is a new class of deep space explorer ships that is an update of the well-performing Intrepid class. It’s 2400 in the Star Trek: Online world and a new long-range science vessel class, the Discovery class, has been commissioned.

Inspired by Voyager, the design teams at Utopia Planitia set out to update the Intrepid class with the latest in Starfleet technology and design theory. The Discovery class, along with her sister ships Intrepid and Cochrane, is more than capable of long exploration missions without Starfleet support or assistance, but is equally equipped as a fleet support or solo patrol vessel.


  • Overall Length: 355 meters
  • Overall Draft: 80 meters (subspace stance); 64 meters (warp stance)
  • Overall Beam: 135 meters
  • Displacement: 715,000 metric tons

Defensive Systems:

  • Advanced Deflector Array
  • Improved Sensors and Targeting Lock
  • Reinforced Shield Generators
  • Reinforced Tritanium Alloy Hull

Defensive Systems:

  • Advanced Deflector Array
  • Improved Sensors and Targeting Lock

Offensive Systems:

  • Fore and Aft Type X Phaser Arrays
  • Fore and Aft Torpedo Launchers

Designed primarily for exploration, the Discovery has expanded science facilities and laboratories, including increased space for science officers on the bridge. Its laboratories are designed to allow its crew to put experiments into stasis during emergencies, meaning that key data will not be lost in the event of an accident.

For maximized engine efficiency, the designers kept the variable-geometry pylons from the Intrepid class, improving them for seven percent less energy loss than other Starfleet vessels of similar size. The Discovery also features warp foils, which extend when the ship is in its warp configuration. The warp foils are designed to increase stability when the ship is a high warp or is using transwarp conduits. The SCE will be doing a long-term study of the warp foil's effectiveness on the Discovery before making a recommendation on whether more ship designs should incorporate the foils.

In combat, Discovery lacks the firepower of an escort, but has a technological advantage over all but the best-equipped foes. Its sensor arrays are state-of-the-art and can identify weaknesses in enemy ships, locate and track vessels or even detect some cloaked ships. Its advanced targeting system allows it to lock on to an enemy quickly, making it ideal for engaging small, agile targets. The targeting system is also ideal for subsystem targeting, allowing a Discovery to take out an opponent's shields or engines quickly. Its improved tractor beam can hold an enemy in place for a coordinated assault, and its advanced deflector array can be reconfigured to assist ally ships by transferring energy or boosting shield strength. The deflector array can even be used to dissipate a tractor beam that would snare another vessel.

Advanced technology standard to the Discovery class include holoemitters for photonic crew, improved navigational sensors, a reconfigured dilithium matrix chamber that allows the ship to use damaged crystals safely for short periods of time until suitable replacements can be acquired and an astrometrics laboratory.