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'Star Trek: Horizon' pays homage to 'Enterprise'

2014 continues to be a vintage year for independent web films based on the Star Trek universe created by Gene Roddenberry. Among the projects under way is "Star Trek: Horizon" a full-length feature set in the timeline shortly after the last episode of "Star Trek: Enterprise".

The brainchild of independent filmmaker Tommy Kraft, Horizon takes place when earth is struggling to establish itself as a player in galactic politics and struggling to win the Romulan War and to ensure the survival of the loose-knit Coalition of Planets that would eventually become the United Federation of Planets.

In a video blog posted on You Tube, Kraft says he wanted to do a fan film "because I freakin' love Star Trek." He also admits that doing a Trek film is a challenge for a low-budget operation because the production values required for it not to look really "cheesy" are extremely high. However, Kraft says he believes he can meet that challenge and if the sets, green screens, props and CGI samples he shows in his third video blog are any indication he has a chance to make good on that claim.

Fan films generally fall short in any number of areas such as script, acting and editing. With a script that Kraft says has been re-written numerous times, a cast of experienced actors and his own experience as an independent filmmaker, "Star Trek: Horizon" has a chance to be a strong entry in the long list of fan projects inspired by Star Trek. You can follow Horizon's progress on Facebook and at their official website.

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