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Star Trek Exhibit beams into Southern California

Star Trek
Star Trek
Star Trek

Star Trek has initiated a temporary stay in downtown Riverside, CA, for its exhibit tour.

Fans not only get to buy a piece of fandom, but also get a first-hand experience in the history of Star Trek, by viewing vintage on-set props and costumes.

"This exhibit is focusing on the science behind science fiction, so all of the gadgetry and the props look like things we're using today," explained Enette Morton of the Riverside Metropolitan Museum.

I attended a similar exhibit when it came to Long Beach, CA, and while not being a huge fan of the series, I did find it a decently good time walking through the history of the franchise. Much like a museum, however, since I wasn't into awing at each piece on display, I found my trip to be quite boring after an hour of walking and gazing.

The exhibit is set to depart February 2011.