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'Star Trek: Excelsior': She is green!

Everyone's favorite Orion
Everyone's favorite Orion
Emily Potter:

Just about everyone celebrates St. Patrick's Day with at least a symbolic wearin' o' the green, but in the Star Trek universe, some inhabitants bleed green while others are green. To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the fan-produced audio web series "Star Trek: Excelsior" has released a vignette centered around a court appearance by Excelsior's soon-to-be Operations Chief, Lt. Commander Neeva, one of the few, if any Orions in Star Fleet.

The Orion race is notoriously green, but it's females have usually been described as "slave girls" or "green animal women." In contrast, Neeva is portrayed in Excelsior as all business and frequently butting heads with Captain Alcar Dovan over his willingness to bend Star Fleet regulations to meet his goals.

Over the course of her appearances we have learned that Neeva's father is an Orion pirate, but the rest of her back story has been murky with little to explain how someone with such an unlikely heritage managed to build a successful (if somewhat tumultuous) career with Star Fleet. In this special episode we learn more about her story as she testifies in her father's trial for piracy.

The vignette format is being increasingly used by fan productions as a means of providing more content more quickly to product-starved fans and to help fill in the backgrounds of main characters. In addition to several vignettes Star Trek: Excelsior also offers a number of interviews with some of the key people who drive Excelsior in front of and behind the microphone.