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Star Trek Equinox: A first look!

With all of the internet abuzz with word of the upcoming Star Trek: The Night of Time we were able to talk to the one of the film’s executive producers David Gere to get an inside look as to what fans can expect. First up as already reported, Star Trek: Equinox (staring John Savage and Gary Lockwood with Blanca Blanco), is currently in its preproduction phase of operations. Gere informs us that sets are locked down in Kingsland, GA with principal photography set to begin during the first week of June, prior to that, the production will be having casting calls in Miami New York, and Los Angeles. We also learned that former WWE star Matt Striker has been cast in this production as a Romulan Commander.

A new Star Trek Series could be on the horizon.
A new Star Trek Series could be on the horizon.
Star Trek
Take a first look at Star Trek Equinox:
Star Trek

When talking about the production, Gere took a few moments to extol the virtues of the actors that had already been cast. “What’s so special about working with such well-regarded veteran actors as John Savage and Gary Lockwood is that it also opens up a pool of great up and coming talent.” Saying that chemistry is everything he felt that with Samantha Lockwood (Shoot the Hero) who will portray Nurse Christine Roddenberry and Tommy Denucci (Army of the Damned) as Lt. Magnus is the perfect mixture of both new, fresh talent and iconic Hollywood royalty. “I believe that Samantha working with her father for the first time is going to be Star Trek history.”

The production company is prepared to make a 48-minute pilot with another 28 minutes that can be used as a director’s cut that can be added to the pilot or make it as a feature film depending which way the production goes. Gere then went on to say that they are really excited about the script by writer Camren T. Burton. “One of the strongest tools that Camren has going into this is that he probably knows Rudy Ransom (Savage) better than John.” According to Gere, Burton is a true fan of the series, and was able to write the script without needing to refer to the Trek “bible” to get the various characters right, as “he just knew it.” Gere did admit that the script did have to do sort of a swerve in the storyline to get the script to fully jive with the established chronology (The Night of Time story has Captain Ransom returning to the Alpha Quadrant from the Delta Quadrant after being held captive by the Krowtonan Guard for 15 years and being shot back 150 years into the past.

As stated, Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time is being filmed on sets built by John Broughton and Vic Mignogna’s Farragut Films. “The biggest constraints to doing something like this are the sets, but we don’t have to worry about that as we’ve contracted John and Vic to construct sets for us so we pretty much already have all props, costumes and fully-working starship set.” He did assure us that the Green Screen tech that was used in the promo was strictly for marketing and promotional uses only, and that they will be assembling physical sets for the actual production. “The use of Green Screen was just a promotional tool we used for that teaser, but, yeah, we’re building sets for the shoot.” There will be exterior shots as well scenes that take place in the Krowtowan ship and on the prison planet. Plus they have an opening sequence for the show that was produced by Jack Marshal with a new Equinox-class ship.

So, with John Savage and Gary Lockwood at the helm, a great cast of characters starting to line up, sets constructed by John Broughton and Vic Mignogna, and visual effects by acclaimed VFX artists Aurore de Blois, Jack Marshal, Steve Neill, a new Equinox ship designed by Chris Martin, this production of Star Trek, Equinox is truly looking like a winner coming out of the gate.


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