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'Star Trek' and 'Seinfeld' actor Stephen Lee dies at the age of 58

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According to Mail Online on Saturday, "Star Trek" and "Seinfeld" actor Stephen Lee died in his Los Angeles home from a heart attack on Aug. 14. He was most recognized by "Star Trek" fans in two episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation." One episode from season three entitled "The Vengeance Factor" where he played Chorgan the Acamarian Gatherer and then later on season seven's "Gambit, Part I" as an alien bartender.

He was also known for his role as the carpenter on NBC's TV series "Seinfeld" where he was tasked to do a simple job of installing cabinet work in Jerry's apartment only for him to come back to a rather confined kitchen. Of course, quite a few obscure actors to rather well kn own celebrities have done their part on Seinfeld.

If anyone recalls one of Jerry's previous girlfriends who played his maid/girlfriend was also the girlfriend/co-worker, played by Angela Featherstone, to Ash in "Army of Darkness" where they were both employed by S-Mart. Also, the rather more recurring character of Mr. Pitt, played by Ian Abercrombie, who also played a wise guy in the good old days where Ash is transported by the Necronomicon into the past to defeat the evil.

Lee is a native to Englewood, N.J. and has been in quite a few roles on TV shows like "Hart To Hart", "Hill Street Blues", "Remington Steele", and "Scarecrow And Mrs. King." He also has film credits in "Robocop 2", "War Games", "La Bamba", "The Negotiator", and "Burlesque."


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