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"Star Trek" An Entertaining Refresher on an Old Classic

From beginning to end, Star Trek reminds audiences that film is not just about storytelling but also about entertainment. Director J.J. Abrams makes up for his association with Cloverfield with this film. The film is solidly entertaining throughout, cheesy lines and all. It also honors the original television program with one particularly great cameo by Leonard Nemoy, simultaneously giving newer audiences reasons to revisit the science fiction television classic.

Photo Courtsey of Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

The film is essentially the story of how the U.S.S. Enterprise earns the crew from the original television series. The audience meets the future Capitan Kirk (Chris Pine) on the day of his birth and follows James T. Kirk (Pine) and Spock, Heroes star Zachary Quinito on their rise to being crew of the ship. The audience learns about the conflict between some of the different planets that aren’t part of the Federation, as well as the conflicts between the different species who work on the U.S.S. Enterprise. As we learn about the crew, the Romulans destroy the Vulcan planet and vow to destroy all the planets in the Federation starting with planet Earth. Capitan Nero (Eric Bana) blames the destruction of the Romulan planet on Spock who he hunts down for the duration of the film.

While the story seems simple enough, Abrams does a fantastic job in making the film a kind of refresher course on Star Trek. The audience not only learns about the deep bond between the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, but gives the audience years and years of background. The story is told clearly never leaving audiences confused and while the story is impressive, the visual effects, and soundtrack all come together to form a grade A film. Another fantastic element to the film is the solid performances throughout. The cast, of the Enterprise crew form a great ensemble never having the show stolen from them by Pine and Quinito.

Audiences who fear the nerdy stigma of enjoying Star Trek should remember that Star Trek is not only science fiction, but also tales of love, adventure, revenge, vengeance, and the unknown. All of these combined are what makes Star Trek great for any audience. While the genre may seem limiting, Star Trek goes where no movie has gone before embracing the art of entertainment.


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