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Star Crossed fans rally to save their show

The cast of CW's Star Crossed joined fans this weekend in tweeting #RenewStarCrossed to support the show.
The cast of CW's Star Crossed joined fans this weekend in tweeting #RenewStarCrossed to support the show.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

With The CW network meeting this week to finalize decisions for their fall line-up, fans were out in force this weekend to make one last push to save their favorite shows. The Stargazers were no exception, as they rallied the troops to save their beloved series Star Crossed.

Star Crossed, you may recall, was mentioned in this column last month as being a story that promotes Eco plot-lines with a sci-fi twist. The premise of the show is that a group of aliens crash landed on Earth, and ten years later our two species are finally working on an integration program. Caught in the middle of all this are the two star-crossed lovers who head the cast.

The story resonated with fans from across the globe, but unfortunately the show premiered in the wake of the Olympics, causing it to start out with an up/down ratings struggle. Despite this early speed bump, the fan base has grown, and has proven its love with a rather strong social media presence. With the Stargazers standing strongly behind it, this could mean that if given a chance with a second season then Star Crossed might have the potential to grow into one of the CW’s next successes.

The fan term Stargazers comes from a small bouquet of stargazer lilies that was given to the female lead, Aimee Teegarden’s character Emery, early in the season. Ever since then the Stargazers not only had a name, but a mission too, which was dubbed #RenewStarCrossed. They quickly organized online and began video campaigning, and participating in live tweets with the stars (like Matt Lanter and Greg Finley). Then there was the continual stream of e-mails, tweets, and messages to The CW, which they did, all in the hopes of getting a season 2.

To further than goal along, Star Crossed fans are gathering on Twitter through Monday’s episode, sending out their #RenewStarCrossed message to the universe. They've even posted tips on how to properly hash-tag the tweets, so they’ll count. The hope was that if they can get it to trend then The CW vote could be swayed in their favor. Sometime later this week they’ll find out if it worked. Star Crossed will be airing episode twelve this Monday, with the finale airing next week. So, good luck Gazers, and don’t forget the #!