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'Star-Crossed' could be a thrilling ride

One of the CW’s new midseason shows is “Star-Crossed.” It will air on Mondays at 8, starting on February 17th. After watching the first two episodes, courtesy of the CW, here are some spoiler free thoughts on the show.

The world is watching the Atrian 7 integrate into a Louisiana high school, and unfortunately, there are some out there who will stop at nothing to destroy the other side.
Mathieu Young/The CW

Ever hear of the star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet? In “Star-Crossed,” Romeo is a guy named Roman, and Juliet is Emery, and they actually are from other worlds. The show takes place ten years after Arrival Day, which is the day when the Atrians crashed to Earth. “Star Crossed” is about the issues of trying to integrate Atrians into human life, specifically the Atrian 7. They are the seven chosen Atrian teenagers that are allowed to attend human high school. There is a lot political drama that comes with this decision. Oh, and there’s a love triangle, obviously.

What the show does well are the political and race storylines. The writers do a good job of setting up the Atrian world and culture. There is a clear distinction of who the major political leaders on both sides as well as the radicals. Of course, the teenagers manage to get themselves involved in the political issues. Things are definitely interesting, and all the drama and rising tensions keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s the best aspect of the show, and will most likely be the reason that I stick around. There are some decent twists that the first two episodes throw at the viewers too.

There are some typical high school romance moments in this show. The show does go to the typical places of “it’s safer if we are apart” and other lines that you expect to hear in a forbidden and dangerous romance. Thankfully, the writers also make sure not to fall into some typical traps. Emery is not your normal girl. She is also an outsider trying to navigate high school. Plus, there is Grayson, the human half of the love triangle, and he does not come off as an annoying asshole. It is easy to root for Grayson to be with Emery. Right now there are potentially interesting side characters, but two episodes isn’t enough time to get to know them. They could be a good part of the show. The writers just have to take the time to bring certain characters out of the background a bit more.

Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Will you be tuning in? What aspect of the show are you most excited about? Make sure you hit subscribe.

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